Writing A Resume That Gets You A Job

Have you ever thought about why you never got a call for the job applications you made? Applying for a job is like sending your resume out in the ocean of other job applications. HR managers receive tons of resumes and they have to go through them all and pick the prospective employees. 


So it’s a challenge for candidates to stand out in the crowd. I think the easiest way to get through this is writing a good resume and a cover letter.


I think one of the major reasons for the rejection is that candidates search for a bunch of organizations offering jobs and apply for them in a shot. This is the first thing you should stop doing if you really want to land a good job. Stop mass applying!


Understand that every organization is looking for varying candidates having specific skill sets and abilities.


These are some of the key suggestions which might help you to get shortlisted


  1. Create a resume that is appealing


The first thing recruiters will notice in your resume is its overall appearance – the way it looks, feels, quality of language, keywords and above all, the expertise they are looking for.


Make sure that you have done a proper formatting of the document. If you are working in a creative field then you might create a resume that will perfectly showcase your creativity and professional experience.


Otherwise, keep in mind that it’s a professional document. Make it simple. If you are not good at formatting, use the available templates.


  1. Send a customized resume


One should be selective about the kinds of jobs they apply for. A recruiter is always looking for the candidates who match the profile by comparing the job description. Try to understand their shortlisting process.


Always do a thorough study of the job description. Such research will educate you about the duties and responsibilities involved in the job and skills, experience required to perform them.

The presence of key skills and abilities in your resume customized to the job description will definitely make it more appealing to the recruiter shortlisting.


  1. Focus on your accomplishments.


Understand that HR managers have very short time for reviewing of your resumes. I have been across certain resumes which are 2-3 pages long and candidates mention similar skill set for their multiple projects. Avoid such unnecessary repetitions.


Focus on only those accomplishments and key contributions which will add value to your resume instead of highlighting everything you have done. Ensure that these achievements are in line with the expectations of the employer as mentioned in point 2.


Adding up the achievements might be a challenging part if you are planning to draft the resume overnight. Always keep the track or some records of the major contributions you have made and success you have achieved in your career so that you won’t miss anything.


Of course, writing a good resume is just the first step to land in an interview. There is a lot more to do after that. But, still, it’s a crucial step to tackle. So do it wisely!


Let me know if you have other suggestions on writing a good resume in the comments section. And if you are looking for change or job, do check our careers page.

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