Where to Find a Co-founder

Starting a business can be a tedious task. A lot of duties, responsibilities and formalities have to be in place for a business to function smoothly. If you do not have a co-founder , it is always good that you have one to share the responsibilities and also enhance growth. But where do you look for a co-founder like that? Well, here are a few areas which can be explored if you wish to hire a co-founder for your upcoming startup. 

1. Conferences and Startup events
Meeting different people is a very big part of starting your own new business. When you meet you get to interact with a person face to face who gives you a lot of ideas about the way they perform and the kind of activities that are involved in. Events that are startup related have higher chances where you could meet people like you who are most likely involved in starting up new businesses and ventures.

2. Online social platforms
Platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook can help you network with people of varied skills and from there you could meet the appropriate kind of person that you are looking for your company to join as a co-founder. With the right interaction you may be able to find yourself a suitable co-founder through these pages.

3. Co-founder/founder websites
Other than social media, there are also specialized internet based platforms created to help you search for the right co-founder for your company. Websites such Co-Founders Lab, FoundersNation and FounderDating help you to network with other entrepreneurs and also to look for potential Co-founders.

Now that you know where to find a suitable Co-founder, let’s get you all aware of the characteristics of a good co-founder. Please have a look at our next blog on What to look for in a co-founder.

If you know of more places to search for a co-founder, please comment in the comments section and let us know!

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