Top online Social Media Marketing (SMM) courses

Top online Social Media Marketing (SMM) courses
I am currently working as an intern in CauseCode Technologies and I’ve been looking at online Social Media Marketing courses to help me get additional domain knowledge outside my curriculum. It turns out there are just so many of them it is a challenge to pick one. Here is a list of top courses that I feel will equip you with the right media marketing skills. 

1. Social Media Marketing Specialization on Coursera
This is a specialization in SMM designed by Northwestern University towards developing social brand management and marketing strategies. The factor that makes it effective is the inclusion of the Capstone Project at the end of the course.It makes individuals engage with the course and also motivates them to think outside the set parameters and come up with a creative SMM strategy on their own. This will not just test their learning but will also instill confidence among learners on the grounds of its application.
A certain fee has to be paid in order to have access to this course; however they do make provision of financial aid for those who might not be able to afford it thus making it more accessible to a larger community.
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2. Social Media Marketing 2017-Complete Certificate Course on Udemy
Udemy offers a number of marketing and social media related courses in which maximum of them have a 4+ rating out of 5 and it can be a task to choose among them. However the course Social Media Marketing 2017- Complete Certificate Course is the best with a high 29,140 students enrolled and a 4.2/5 rating given. This course is on the topmost of the best-selling charts. Currently the price of taking this course is $10 which is a discount price whereas the actual price is $100. At whichever price one takes this, it is great value for money as it offers 80 compact lectures and also conducts assessments at the end of which a certificate of completion is also provided.
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3. Social Media Marketing Training Tutorial on Lynda .com is an online learning portal designed by Linkedin to facilitate eLearning of business, technology and other creative skills. The Social Media Marketing Training Tutorials are a set of video lectures offered and they explain different aspects of SMM by industrial experts themselves. It can be subscribed at by people at high institutional levels such as government officials, commercial organizations, and educational institutes along with individuals otherwise for strengthening their professional and personal skill sets.
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4. Diploma In Social Media Marketing on Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online (ALSION)
ALISON is an online system that serves the purpose of delivering skill sets to individual learners at a standard certified level FREE of cost. This could be a great incentive for learners who actually want to gain an insight in the field of SMM. It also conducts tests for which in order to complete the course, each student must score 80% or above. Another interesting aspect is that those who want to make it an official achievement can purchase the diploma certificate after the course completion. This is not a compulsion but is recommended as it would add a sharp value to your resume.
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5. Social Media Marketing Course and Certification on eMarketing Institute
Social media marketing is one of the courses among other Digital marketing courses that is offered free of cost. Their idea is to provide all kinds of people be it rich or poor, access to skill learning and a certification for the same.
An eBook is provided for free which has to be studied. This is not as attractive as the other courses since it is just a dry reading of the textbook and giving an online exam. However, on the bright side it is a comprehensive read and the certificate is also provided free of cost at the end of the assessment which is a quite a fair deal.
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