The why, what and how of Serverless Monitoring

Anyone who has worked on serverless will praise the ease it brings but will also agree on the shortcomings it has, for now. With increase in adoption and constant onslaught of new tools and features, we are moving towards making it truly passable.

We have come a long way considering how new all this is for all of us. AWS was the first provider considered to have a serverless offering back in November 2014. And in mere four years, here we are.

But it’s not easy developing a serverless application without the full overview of every part of the system. In early days it was cumbersome to test the functions entirely without uploading them. The community faced the challenges head on and worked on it to improve the ecosystem, and now we have serverless-offline and localstack to deploy and test our code locally.

One of the many challenges developers face when working with serverless is monitoring.


Go Serverless! But Why?

“Serverless will fundamentally change how we build business around technology and how you code.”

– Simon Wardley, Why the fuss about serverless?

Serverless Computing is coming here!

What comes to your mind when you hear the term Serverless? AWS Lambda functions? Google Cloud functions? Maybe Azure functions? Or some other service provided by yet another service provider? This is where most people get confused. What they don’t understand is that Serverless is not a service but a cloud computing execution model. Too hard to understand? Let’s break it down a little.

An Introduction To Create React App

React JS is a javascript library for User Interface development, introduced by the Facebook in 2011. Nowadays React is one of the most popular libraries for UI development. Currently, it has more than 90k stars on GitHub. It follows the component based approach which helps in building reusable UI components.

If you are starting working on React then you need to configure most of the things like Webpack to bundle your project, Babel to compile JSX to browser ready code etc. It takes more time to configure a project from scratch. This configuration may give the beginners a headache.

Seeing these problems, The Facebook has officially given a tool for React developers in mid of 2016 known as Create React App. CRA(Create React App) is a CLI which helps developers to start their project immediately. It is also very helpful for the beginners.



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