ReactJS Interview Questions

React is one of the most popular javascript libraries for UI development. I am discussing here some common interview question on React. If you are going to give an interview on React then you should be aware of the following questions:


Context Reborn

To all the React developers out there, you must have read this at least once?

“If you want your application to be stable, don’t use context. It is an experimental API and it is likely to break in future releases of React.”

For those who don’t know, earlier this snippet belonged to the official documentation of ReactJS. But now, things have changed 😛 

In this blog post, I’ll be explaining the usage of the stable Context API introduced in React v16.3


Real-time Group Chat using Firebase Realtime Database

Today, let us show you how you (yes, just you!) can add a full-featured chat functionality to your Web, Android, or iOS app, in a day’s work. (Spoiler for the backend developers: there’s no backend code needed. Absolutely. Zero. Backend. Code.)

What is Firebase?

Firebase was initially a product developed by a startup named Envolve Inc., that sought to make an API for embedding real-time chat in mobile and web apps. Long story short, it grew wildly and this lead the developers to separate the chat feature and the underlying real-time engine that powered it; and that was eventually acquired by — none other than — Google.

Google took it to a whole new level by integrating its slew of services and features targeted towards mobile developers and evolved Firebase from just a real-time database to “BaaS” – Backend as a Service. I’ll not go much into this but here’s a screenshot from their page with the full arsenal of the services provided —

Firebase - services provided

Firebase – services provided


An Introduction To Create React App

React JS is a javascript library for User Interface development, introduced by the Facebook in 2011. Nowadays React is one of the most popular libraries for UI development. Currently, it has more than 90k stars on GitHub. It follows the component based approach which helps in building reusable UI components.

If you are starting working on React then you need to configure most of the things like Webpack to bundle your project, Babel to compile JSX to browser ready code etc. It takes more time to configure a project from scratch. This configuration may give the beginners a headache.

Seeing these problems, The Facebook has officially given a tool for React developers in mid of 2016 known as Create React App. CRA(Create React App) is a CLI which helps developers to start their project immediately. It is also very helpful for the beginners.



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