Pickling in Python

Pickling is used for the serialization and deserialization of the Python objects.

In layman terms, the process of converting the python object to stream of bytes is called pickling and the process of converting the stream of bytes to python object is called unpickling.  

Python pickles to object in format that is Python-specific and other non-python programs cannot  reconstruct pickled Python objects.

Python provides a module pickle for serialization and deserialization of the objects.


Threading with Python

Threads are the subpart of the process that can be executed simultaneously and share the process resources.

Threads are the smallest unit that an operating system can schedule.

Python provides two modules for threading implementation.

  • thread
  • threading

The thread module is deprecated in Python 3. However, it has been renamed to “_thread” for backward incompatibilities in Python 3. (more…)

Serverless with AWS ElastiCache

AWS offers fully managed, in-memory service named ElastiCache. It supports two common engines named Redis and Memcached.

However, the problem is that ElastiCache clusters can only be accessed by the services that are present in the same Virtual Private Cloud – VPC as ElastiCache.

So here is a quick example explaining how to set up a serverless function and ElastiCache cluster under a VPC.

1 – Setting up a VPC

  1. Login to the AWS Console, and open https://console.aws.amazon.com/vpc/
  2. Choose Start VPC Wizard
  3. From navigation, list choose VPC with Public and Private subnets
  4. Keep the default options, and then choose to Create VPC


Tornado reusable components using UI modules

Tornado templates use UI modules to improve the DRYness of the code and make it reusable across different templates in the project.

UI modules are like special function calls to render components of your page, and they can come packaged with their own CSS and JavaScript.



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