FDA approves marketing of an app that prevents pregnancy, a wearable that helps you relax, consulting with a robot doctor and much more!

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1- An app preventing pregnancy gets FDA marketing approved

Read more on how an app called Natural Cycles uses an algorithm to calculate the days of the month when a woman is most likely to be fertile is now approved by the FDA to be openly marketed and known to people.

2- A wearable designed to help you relax!

These wearables are being specially designed to help you reduce your stress and relax your mind. Read more on how they are able to that and if they have been successful in achieving their goal.

3- The robot doctor will see you now!

Can you imagine sharing your symptoms with a robot who will provide you with solutions? Read more on how Babylon health with the help of NHS has managed to execute this.

4- Technology and diabetes

Diabetes is a very complicated and common disease faced by many, read about how technology can help manage and control your diabetes


A house that monitors your physical and mental well-being, why are women not happy with Fitbit’s new period tracking feature, amazon’s new foray into Indian digital health space and much more!

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1. Now a house that monitors your health!

We can glimpse through how the future of housing will look like by visiting The Sphere (Sensor Platform for Healthcare in a Residential Environment) project before the end of August in Bristol. The house will have sensors to monitor activity levels, diet, and exercise and even depression! Read more

2. A WhatsApp Style app to connect patients and doctors

The platform allows doctors to coordinate with patients in real time via instant messaging, share information with other caregivers. It has been launched in some 1050 clinics. More here  

3. Women not happy with Fitbit’s new period tracking feature

Fitbit drew criticism from women for the period tracking feature that only allows women to track periods up to 10 days and only 5 symptoms. Read more


Now a continuous glucose monitor that saves diabetics from those pesky pricks, Nike’s training club comes to apple watch, technology to the rescue of abortion rights and much more.

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness
1. Now a continuous glucose monitor without fingersticks gets FDA approval.

The round sensor is placed on the upper arm; a thin filament inserted just under the skin takes blood glucose readings once a minute….. More here

2. Nike’s training club app is now available on Apple watches

The app contains more than 180 free workouts, all of which will be available on the Apple Watch version, and allows users to monitor their heart rate, approximate calories, and set exercise goals. Read more

3. How technology could preserve abortion rights.

Telemedicine prescriptions for abortion pills, if approved might help women get access to safe abortion, circumventing the strict state-specific laws… Read More


Detecting stress levels through simply sweating, educating children to use mobile phones to help improve their mental health, using technology to help autistic people and much more!

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1- Now detect your stress levels through simply sweating!

Stanford University has developed a wearable patch that when worn will be able to detect your stress levels through your sweat. This device absorbs the sweat from the skin and within seconds, the wearable is able to assess how much stress hormone a person is producing in real time … read more at Inverse

2- Using mobile phones to improve a child’s mental health: Beano Comics

The long-running comic The Beano along with YoungMinds are collaborating to generate a character named ‘Mandi and her Mobile’ where the stories will revolve around making the kids use technology to their advantage … read more at Independent

3- Empowering autistic people in India

Google glasses which were launched back in 2015 couldn’t leave its mark then, however, BrainPower seems to be adopting similar technology to help benefit the autistic patients … read more at Gadgets 360


A Super Suit to help improve mobility for the elderly, Armani launches another digital watch, read about the dark side of Digital Health and much more!

Curated news and articles related health and wellness

1- Super Suit: A tech-fashionable wearable to help improve mobility for the elders

To be launched by the end of 2018, this wearable suit will help boost muscle power through the sensors which will result in improving mobility for the elderly … read more at Healthcare Packaging

2- Emporio Armani is back with another digital watch!

The new watch which is a combination of tech and fashion, it is a digital waterproof wearable and helps detect your heart rate and connect with various other health applications … read more at Digital Trends

3- The dark side of digital health: Cocaine users relying on Fitbit

Just like everything, digital health also has its set of advantages and consequences it has to bear. With Apple Watch allowing to measure your heart rate, cocaine users are dependent on that data during drug binges … read more at Mail Online


Get fashionable with this wearable shirt, technology developed to treat migraine by a sniff of air, Vodafone’s addition of SOS messaging wearable and much more!

Curated articles and news related to health tech and wellness.
1- Forget wearing your wearable on the wrist, now get fashionable with this wearable shirt!

This smart shirt which is being developed in Singapore will now not only help track your physical activity but also your heart rate, electrocardiography, maximal aerobic capacity and much more … read more at The Straitstimes

2- Treating migraine instantly with this technology

Migraine being a severe condition suffered by the majority of the population across the globe, this wearable will help provide instant relief from the migraine pain … read more at Forbes

3- Vodafone aims at improving its existing wearable

V for Vodafone which was launched last year will now also include a line of products named V-SOS which will help send emergency messages to 4 contacts … read more at CNBC


Wearables are now helping you boost your focus, attain better sleep, may even help reduce smoking and much more!

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1- FOCI: The wearable that helps boost your focus

FOCI is a wearable that clips to your waist and helps fight technology addiction in order to improve your focus … read more at Ubergizmo

2- Relax and get better sleep with the help of these wearables

Following is a list of the wearables that will help you feel relaxed and get you better sleep … read more at Which

3- Is this new device helping reduce smoking or is an upcoming addiction amongst teens?

Various discussions have been carried out if Juule, the new e-cigarette device will help in reduction of smoking or will lead to an addiction … read more at CNBC


Ever wondered what Apple does with your healthcare data? Wearable to help you be more productive, health tech enables early diagnosis of Dementia and much more

Curated news and articles related to digital health and wellness

1- Digital health to help in early diagnosis of dementia

Dementia is a serious growing condition and these organizations with the help of technology are trying to help detect and treat this condition … read more at The Guardian

2- What does Apple do with the healthcare data of its users?

The data collected by Apple will be shared with various organizations by the consent of the users to internally help them manage, share and track their records … read more at Digital Journal

3- Stop Daydreaming with the help of this wearable

This clip-on FOCI Device helps you to stop daydream and get productive … read more at PCMAG


Check out all the cool wearables used by FIFA players, Apple watch to monitor blood pressure, gaming addiction proved to be a mental health disorder and much more

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1- Wearable Technology: World Cup 2018

Find out about the wearables used by the players at this world cup … read more at Gadgets and Wearables

2- A digital system that could help save Australian lives

With Australia being quite a hot topic in the digital health space, recently The George Institute for Global Health and Consumers Health Forum of Australia have released the Going Digital initiative which is showing immense progress already … read more at George Institute’s official website

3- mHealth to help solve existing mental health problems in prisons

With mental health technology showing a tremendous growth, The National Institute of Health has proposed to initiate a few more additions to help solve the mental health problems in the prison … read more at Healthcare Analytics news

4- Will Apple watch monitor blood pressure too?

Yes, you read it right! Apple watch will now help monitor and track your blood pressure too … read more at Healthcare Analytics news’


Fashion show with a twist, now there is a Fitbit for kids, this gadget will help improving your running form, AI to help detect Kidney ailments and much more

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1- A fashion show no one has ever seen!

Designers of the wearables in the health tech space to walk the ramp and showcase their products and its features … read more at MDDI

2- Fitbit for kids is here!

The Fitbit Ace is developed specially for kids of 8 and up and will help provide customized help to the children … read more at MobiHealthNews

3- If you have a poor running form, Luma health is here to fix it!

The gadget promises to analyze your running stride and help improve it … read more at DigitalTrends

4- Hospitals using AI to help detect kidney diseases

Mount Sinai and RenalytixAI to provide data in order to build an AI technology that will help detect and solve kidney diseases problems … read more at Forbes



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