Apple Watch now includes the EKG monitor, do wearable monitors really work, Babylon to hire 1000 doctors and scientists and much more!

Curated news, articles and more related to health and wellness

1- Apple Watch Series 4 to include an Electrocardiogram Monitor

The Apple Watch Series 4 released has been quite a talk in the industry, read about its highlighted feature of EKG ie the electrocardiogram monitor that will help empower patients to seek treatment if needed, sooner.

2- Have you ever wondered if your wearable monitor actually works?

We all rely on the wearables to give us details about our heart rate, glucose levels etc but read more about a theory that says the results are not as precise as the traditional methods. 

3- If you are a doctor or scientist, we have great news for you!

Babylon Health announces to hire 1000 scientists and doctors! Read more about how the CEO, Ali Parsa has pledged to spend $100m to hire the doctors and scientists to develop the world’s leading Healthcare AI platform.

4- HealthTech in Singapore: Two initiatives developed to help the residents of the west

Read about how these two digital health initiatives are helping the citizens, especially the seniors in the Chua Chu Kang, Bukit Gombak area of Singapore.

5- Wearables now also helping in avoiding injuries

Read more about these smart wear gadgets and wearables for athletes that will help avoid serious injuries

6- Saudi Arabia, are you listening?

Finland, being one of the trending hubs for healthtech has decided to get into an agreement with Saudi Arabia to boost cooperation in the health sector, read more.

7- Stony Brook University is hosting a HealthTech Fair that is only two weeks away!

The University’s Health Science library is hosting a HealthTech fair in their campus that is just two weeks away. Read more about it here

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Amazon-Berkshire and Chase to form a healthcare company, generating electricity with body heat, constraints of digital health and much more!

Curated news, articles and more related to health and wellness.

1- Amazon-Berkshire-Chase team up to form a healthcare company

Read about how Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase, these big names have announced to team up and to create a healthcare company that is free from profit-making incentives and constraints.

2- Qualcomm’s New Power-Friendly Wearables Chip

Get those wrists ready. A new breed of smartwatches, with better performance and longer battery life, is on the way, courtesy of Qualcomm. Read about their newest release that aims to deliver 15 hours of battery life with GPS, the heart rate monitor and other sensors turned on that will allow users to complete long-distance activities in one charge.

3- Is health technology invading your privacy?

With the increase of usage of IoT, read about how Fitness trackers present a huge security risk of being hacked even though they might not seem to.


Wearables at IFA, Australian Government’s history with Health, Eye controlable device for the disabled and much more!

Curated news, articles and more related to health and wellness

1- Wearable of IFA 2018

Read about the top fitness wearables presented in the IFA 2018 held in Berlin attended by 250,000 visitors and presents a chance for companies to showcase their existing or upcoming products

2- Women demand fitness apps to include pregnancy settings

Women have expressed their views on wanting all the fitness apps to have ‘pregnancy mood’ and provide tailored features and routine when pregnant. Read more

3- Look into children’s hearts using these hologram glasses

Read about how surgeons  are to use hologram glasses, similar to 3D gaming headsets that will help perform delicate procedures amongst children


Amazon to dig its hands deeper in the health tech space, Youtube’s new feature to help fight addiction, LG reveals a wearable robot!

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1- Amazon to dig its hands deeper in the health tech space

Read about Amazon’s announcement of hiring a star cardiologist named Maulik Majmudar to create something challenging and exciting.

2- Youtube to be another addition in helping reduce addiction

Following Instagram’s footsteps, read about how Youtube has now added a feature that will help you fight your addiction.

3- LG reveals its wearable robot

Unlike other robots, read about this LG wearable robot is developed to support and enhance a user’s legs and body while walking and standing helping user’s mobility and strength. It is specially designed to be used in the commercial sectors like manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.


First ambulance based service app launched, Now stay healthy at workplace with the help of these apps, Fitbit launches its new wearable and much more!

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness.

1- Google’s fitness app: New designs and features

Read about Google’s fitness app known as Google Fit, the Android platform app and how it has undergone some redesigning and introduced new features focusing on heart health.

2- Charge 3- Fitbit reveals its new wearable

Read about Fitbit’s newly launched Charge 3 that has altogether a new water-resistant design and a larger and brighter touchscreen

3- Bangladesh launches the first app based ambulance service

Following the slogan ‘Be a Champion, Save a Life’, read about how a health tech startup named URAL EMS has designed and launched an app for ambulance services


FDA approves marketing of an app that prevents pregnancy, a wearable that helps you relax, consulting with a robot doctor and much more!

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1- An app preventing pregnancy gets FDA marketing approved

Read more on how an app called Natural Cycles uses an algorithm to calculate the days of the month when a woman is most likely to be fertile is now approved by the FDA to be openly marketed and known to people.

2- A wearable designed to help you relax!

These wearables are being specially designed to help you reduce your stress and relax your mind. Read more on how they are able to that and if they have been successful in achieving their goal.

3- The robot doctor will see you now!

Can you imagine sharing your symptoms with a robot who will provide you with solutions? Read more on how Babylon health with the help of NHS has managed to execute this.

4- Technology and diabetes

Diabetes is a very complicated and common disease faced by many, read about how technology can help manage and control your diabetes


A house that monitors your physical and mental well-being, why are women not happy with Fitbit’s new period tracking feature, amazon’s new foray into Indian digital health space and much more!

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1. Now a house that monitors your health!

We can glimpse through how the future of housing will look like by visiting The Sphere (Sensor Platform for Healthcare in a Residential Environment) project before the end of August in Bristol. The house will have sensors to monitor activity levels, diet, and exercise and even depression! Read more

2. A WhatsApp Style app to connect patients and doctors

The platform allows doctors to coordinate with patients in real time via instant messaging, share information with other caregivers. It has been launched in some 1050 clinics. More here  

3. Women not happy with Fitbit’s new period tracking feature

Fitbit drew criticism from women for the period tracking feature that only allows women to track periods up to 10 days and only 5 symptoms. Read more


6 Obvious business opportunities in healthcare in India

India has it’s share of problems in healthcare, with a large customer base looking for solutions; these are also lucrative business opportunities.

1. Digital Health Record

Close to 70% healthcare expense in India is paid out of pocket. This results in many not having a steady physician or hospital they go to. People migrating nationally and internationally is another reason for the fractured state of personal health data.

With the new Digital Information Security Health Care Act (DISHA) coming into effect soon there is an opportunity for startups to understand the new legal framework and make personal health data more accessible and portable for the patients.

2. Nutrition

Lack of awareness of nutrition science has resulted in years of word of mouth nutrition advice that either no longer applies or is false. A National Family Health Survey shows that we have a huge population of both people under-nutrition and obese! 20.7% of the women in the country are obese and 20.9% of the women are under-weight.

With a turnover of close to 1.4 billion dollars, a brand like Patanjali proves that there is a huge group of people who want natural, healthy and affordable products.

Nutrition-focused food products or software solutions that help people better understand and manage their health.


Now a continuous glucose monitor that saves diabetics from those pesky pricks, Nike’s training club comes to apple watch, technology to the rescue of abortion rights and much more.

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness
1. Now a continuous glucose monitor without fingersticks gets FDA approval.

The round sensor is placed on the upper arm; a thin filament inserted just under the skin takes blood glucose readings once a minute….. More here

2. Nike’s training club app is now available on Apple watches

The app contains more than 180 free workouts, all of which will be available on the Apple Watch version, and allows users to monitor their heart rate, approximate calories, and set exercise goals. Read more

3. How technology could preserve abortion rights.

Telemedicine prescriptions for abortion pills, if approved might help women get access to safe abortion, circumventing the strict state-specific laws… Read More


Detecting stress levels through simply sweating, educating children to use mobile phones to help improve their mental health, using technology to help autistic people and much more!

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1- Now detect your stress levels through simply sweating!

Stanford University has developed a wearable patch that when worn will be able to detect your stress levels through your sweat. This device absorbs the sweat from the skin and within seconds, the wearable is able to assess how much stress hormone a person is producing in real time … read more at Inverse

2- Using mobile phones to improve a child’s mental health: Beano Comics

The long-running comic The Beano along with YoungMinds are collaborating to generate a character named ‘Mandi and her Mobile’ where the stories will revolve around making the kids use technology to their advantage … read more at Independent

3- Empowering autistic people in India

Google glasses which were launched back in 2015 couldn’t leave its mark then, however, BrainPower seems to be adopting similar technology to help benefit the autistic patients … read more at Gadgets 360



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