Where to Find a Co-founder

Starting a business can be a tedious task. A lot of duties, responsibilities and formalities have to be in place for a business to function smoothly. If you do not have a co-founder , it is always good that you have one to share the responsibilities and also enhance growth. But where do you look for a co-founder like that? Well, here are a few areas which can be explored if you wish to hire a co-founder for your upcoming startup.  (more…)

Things to Look For in a Co-founder

Every startup founder has responsibilities that need to be shared with someone. It is not possible for a single founder to take the load all upon himself/herself of the company. Major tasks and responsibilities have to be divided in order to function systematically with very little chaos. While there are a lot of traits of a co-founder and founder that could overlap, there are certain traits which are  necessary to have in a co-founder.  (more…)


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