The fitter you get, the more money you earn!

Can you believe it that an application exists that rewards you for getting fitter? SweatCoin, an application developed in 2015 tracks your walking and rewards you with coins that can be further converted and used to shop! It doesn’t quite technically reward you in direct cash however, it is a cryptocurrency concept based application that provides you with coins that can be converted and can be used to buy a limited number of goods that SweatCoin has made available. It gathers all the steps you have taken and provides you with the ratio of how many steps will convert into sweatcoins which can be later redeemed to shop something. However, the company has expressed an interest in making sweatcoins a real cryptocurrency, meaning one can soon exchange them for real currencies.

The application is only available to use in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States of America, Canada, and Australia, however, they are working towards introducing the application in various other countries.

Personally, I was really impressed with the designing of the application. Like any other application, it asks you to fill in necessary details and allow the application to use your location, however, I found the process to hassle-free and personalized.



The process to register is very easy and requires you to fill in minimum data. One of the drawbacks which are mentioned by the application while signing up is that it only calculates the outdoor steps and not the indoor environment steps or even treadmill which, I personally found odd, especially since the concept of indoor training is being adopted by many across the globe.

Once you get started, the main screen will show you how many steps you have taken and how many coins you have managed to earn. Only if the steps taken are more than 2,000, then only the steps will be automatically converted into coins. Else, one has to manually force send the coins for the system to register which, I feel shouldn’t be necessary and should be calculated and added to be converted irrespective of the number of steps taken.

The design seems to be simple yet unique and attracting. The info section is where you have to send your steps across to the app to evaluate and for them to convert into coins.

The app offers different subscriptions available, namely categorized under:




Breaker and

The ‘coming soon’ feature named Trouble Maker.

Mover being the free and basic version and the rest being paid features (the application provides a 30 day free trial for all features), the paid versions, in levels, help convert fewer steps into more coins (refer to images below). Every subscription allows you to earn up to a certain amount of coins and even if you happen to earn more than the limit of your subscriptions, the coins won’t be converted. Hence, if one is regular with their outdoor walking schedule for a considerable distance, subscribing to a higher subscription is recommended. Many users have expressed their concerns on social media platforms about them covering a considerable amount of distance walking yet not earning enough coins. The concept of providing various types of subscriptions to the users catering to their frequency of walking is a great concept however, I personally feel that the instructions of how the subscriptions work aren’t explicitly explained hence, the users might have explained their confused opinions about the subscriptions on social media platforms.

The conversion rate of the mover subscription is the lowest and can only earn up to only 5 coins. Hence, I would personally suggest the paid versions if you regularly cover a considerable walking distance.

The concept of SweatCoin is a very intriguing concept as walking is a part of a normal person’s regular routine in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Sweatcoin has also partnered with many known firms to provide interesting deals to the users such as Amazon, Apple, and many others.

Overall, though the gain might feel a bit slow, especially if one doesn’t walk around a lot outdoors. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the application during my stay in the UK. Being a university study, I had to walk around a lot on the university campus and the app surely helped me earn a decent number of coins. It encouraged me to walk more instead of taking the bus in order to earn more coins and reach my limit to buy my desired voucher. The only drawback I personally faced was of my battery draining as the app would be active all the time.

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