Our Philosophy


At our core, each of us is hungry to learn more. We are passionate about technology and love solving problems. While at it we want to get better and better at what we do. Each member dons multiple hats but each of us specializes in a few core things. Getting paid is important and pays the bills but we would’ve done this for free!


We want our products to be beautiful inside and outside. User experience is pretty important to us but so is code organization, conventions, and readability.


We work on a wide range of problems and for us, it is really important to understand the user pain and perspective to deliver stuff that works. Having broad design discussions and listening to all opinions within a team while making decisions that have a rationale behind keeps us in check.


Keeping things simple and transparent is important to us. It allows us to focus on solving problems. Everyone has a moral compass and as a team, we want to always do the right thing. We keep each stakeholder in the loop with whatever we are doing. When any of us is confused we encourage discussions and sort out the right path.


Keeping the products, features, process, organization structure, code structure and pretty much everything we do simply is one of our key metrics. Simple is hard and our iterative process/drive to improve keeps us pushing for it.


One of our distinctive quality as a team is our focus on improvement and work-life balance. Balance to us does NOT mean just flexi-time, no work on odd hours, no work on weekends. But actually, it means getting ample time for ourselves, family, friends, and work. The most expensive currency we have to spend is time and each of us wants to spend it so we can be the best version of ourselves both personally and professionally.


We are excited to come to work each day! And everyone is encouraged to keep evaluating that. It is important for us to guide team members toward the path of what they want to achieve and are excited to do; that can be within or outside the organization.


We are always hiring! Finding a team member that is driven by similar values is hard and if you like what you’ve read so far, send us an email at jobs@causecode.com