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So, you have decided to re-enter the workforce after taking time off for caring for your child but have doubts about your industry readiness after a hiatus? We are excited to open our doors to parents who have been away from work through our returnship program!

The mummy returns program offers 12 weeks paid internship to former professional moms returning to work after a minimum hiatus of 1 year having at least 3 years prior work experience. We have multiple openings for varied skill sets. This internship will give you a chance to evaluate your existing skills and work on new skills needed for the job. The idea is to transition you smoothly into the job at a healthy pace.

The Mummy Returns Program Highlights:

  • 12 week full-time paid internship for parents looking to return to work after a break. At the end of successful internship, you will be converted to a full-time employee
  • A hiatus of at least a year, along with 3 years of prior professional experience is required
  • Get support through a semi-structured program where you can contribute from day 1

You can start the returnship towards any of our open positions:

  • Software engineers (all levels):
  • Java Web Developer:
  • Technical Lead:
  • I.T Project Manager:

P.S Sorry dads the name just sounded so much cooler!


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