Improve your productivity using these 8 free apps!

I am sure all those of you who are reading this must be owners of brilliant smartphones which have the compatibility to carry out smart tasks smoothly. But how smartly can you use these smartphones to make your daily life fun and easier? Here is a list of a few great apps which are available for free on both iOS and Android devices. 

1.   Todoist

This multifaceted app is designed to help users organize, prioritize and manage their daily work efficiently. It is not just another reminder app but has much more smarter features along with it. It can be activated on both PC as well as mobile devices which makes your work more accessible through multiple devices. It allows you to collaborate with people and manage projects and tasks. To know more about Todoist, go on 

2.   Strides

For all those of you who need a routine check on your daily activities and habits, here is a great app for you to download on your phones. Strides is an app designed for those who wish to actively change habits and achieve goals on a daily basis. It contains features that can help you stay motivated to meet your goals. To know more about these features, read more on

3.   Tide

The Tide app is an app that specializes to increase your focus. It breaks down your work into time intervals. During these time intervals you have sounds from nature that plays in the background that helps you to focus on your current work. Believe me I am using this app as I type all of this down for you guys! It is uniquely designed to ensure you are in absolute peace and alert at all times while working. Learn more about Tide on

4.   Headspace for Meditation

The Headspace app is essentially your virtual mindfulness trainer. With this meditation app you will be taught on how to meditate right and conduct yourself in a way that guarantees a happier and healthier living. To know more on this you can visit their website

5.   IFTTT

Do you waste a lot of time carrying out repetitive like moving data between different applications? Why don’t you try automating it using the IFTTT app? IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and contains some inbuilt “applets” that allow you to automate the moving of data. You can also customize these automated activities in the given applets. Learn more about this on

6.   Accompany

Keeping track of your schedule is pretty easy where you simply set a reminder for yourself and proceed to check it off once you are done. However, that is not enough. With your hectic schedule you may forget to set reminders and the details of your specific events might not be known to you when given in short notice. Accompany offers automatic setting of reminders from emails and also depending on the events it gives you a brief insights into people connected to the event or meeting. To  understand more do check out their website and app

7.   Pocket

Save awesome articles to read later from all your devices in one place. Pretty cool right ?

8.  Trello

Many of you at your work places must be having a daily list of objectives to meet and tasks to complete. It maybe individually or as a team. Trello is a type of work organizer that helps you plan your work to the smallest of details. Be it individually or as a group, Trello takes care of all aspects of work and goals management. It is a neat way by which you could track your progress as well as view your work in a detailed manner with the help of boards, cards and other features. To know more about this app and download it, visit their website 

There are plenty such innovative apps that are designed to provide the use of a certain kind. Please do comment and let us know any such helpful apps that you know of or have been using.

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