How To Make Most Of Your Internship

Most of the college students and recent graduates work in an internship. Sometimes, Universities and Institutes makes internships mandatory. Whatever may be the reason to work in an internship, this experience can be extremely helpful to build the skills, understand the practices and work environment in the respective field. Working in an internship will help you understand what you really like, learn relevant skills and form foundation of your career. 

Here are some ways that will help you derive best from your internships.

  1. Communicate the objectives of your internship:

I think this is the first thing you should do while getting into any internship. Discuss your objectives and concerns with the respective organization in your first meeting. This will make your internship even fruitful. Also, this helps the organization understand your interests in the specific area.

Bear in mind the fact that being an intern, you might be doing several tasks which are not relevant to your niche. But keep a positive attitude, accept it as a challenge and complete the task with excellence.

  1. Ask questions:

Ask relevant question to enhance your learning as well as participate in office meetings. Be prepared in advance for any meeting with your senior colleagues so that you can gain a deeper insight of the topic. But before raising any question, ensure that you have done a thorough research on the same and tried to look for the answer on your own!

  1. Give your opinion:

Do not hesitate to voice out your opinion. Good teams anticipate creative input from all members of the team including interns. So if you have any suggestions, you should politely put them forward. This will help you remain creative and learn from the feedback you receive from them.

  1. Take initiative:

If you want your internship to be rewarding, you should stay active and ask for more work. Do not restrict yourself just for the allotted tasks. If you are free of work then ask your supervisor if you can assist them in their work or if there is some additional work for you.

Your supervisors might be busy with their own work responsibilities rather than only supervising you. So there is a chance that you will be forgotten if you don’t take initiative.

  1. Learn from your colleagues and supervisors:

As someone who has had very little exposure to the industry, this will be your opportunity to work alongside many experienced people. You can learn a lot from them by reaching out to them for questions, seeking their suggestions on your work, understanding their work practices as well as their interactions within the organization.

  1. Assess:

At the end of your internship assess how you did, things you failed at, areas for improvement etc. Be focused on improvement. Having this level of self-assessment will help you prepare for full-time interviews.

Internships are a great way to explore career options and your focus should be learning as much as possible. Make sure you pick an internship that is aligned with your long-term plans and helps add value to your resume for that full-time position you want! If you have other suggestions for making most of an internship, let us know about it in the comment box!

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