Every day companies receive hundreds of applications for the job vacancies they have. If you are experienced or a fresher, first impression always counts. So, your job application has to be impressive and flawless to secure an interview. 

To stand out from the crowd below are few important pointers to follow –


Always attach a cover letter along with your resume or write a cover email. A cover letter should always complement your resume and it should not be a duplicate of your resume. It should be brief and highlight important points like about what are your skill sets and how they are relevant to the position you are applying for, why you are interested in the organisation and what makes you a relevant fit for it.


The most important thing which is very small but is still overlooked by the applicants is that while sharing your resume always use the “PDF” format only inorder to avoid the distortion of the format. Everyone uses different operating systems so the file format varies and to make the first impression on the employer to shortlist your application is the format of the resume. Now a days a lot many attractive templates are available online for the resumes.


Before you press “SEND” button, proof read your application that is your cover letter as well as your resume. Check for formatting, grammatical, typos and spelling error. I suggest always get someone else also to do the proof reading and you can also run a spell check.


Since the application form or cover letter is the first point of contact to the employers so you should not miss this opportunity to sell your skill sets and leave a memorable impression on the interviewer. The same goes for the resume as well. The employer wants to see if you posses the right skills for a particular position and your passion for the industry and the job you are applying for. To gain these employability skills you should be involved in internships, projects, university clubs, part-time jobs etc. The employer is in search for that extra edge in your profile apart from the general skills sets which are required to perform outstandingly and not just finish the job.


The application is all about convincing the potential employer that you are the best fit for a particular role and you posses all the required skill sets. So you need to be sure before hand whether the job you are applying for is really what you are looking for or you are just doing what you need to do to get a job. If you do not have the conviction in the job you are applying for then you will not be able to prove it to the interviewer either.


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