How To Make A Lasting Impression In An Interview?

An interview call can be both exciting and nervous for a candidate. For some, it could be the first step in the corporate world and for some, it could be another step up in one’s professional life. 

Ever wondered what is that one particular quality that the employer is looking for apart from your stellar resume and good technical capabilities? Do you believe a Sundar Pichai or a Satya Nadella’s greatest strength is “coding”? What is it that Employers are looking for in this ever changing workplace?

“An attitude which is nothing but Positive”

No doubt having good technical skills, impeccable communication and a good personality are very important but it is the positive attitude that would make a lasting impression. Employers not only look for the right fit for a particular position but also judge the candidates on how fast they would adapt to the organisational culture and gel up with their peers to work as a team.

“Watch your attitude. It is the first thing people notice about you!”

Right from when you enter an organisation for an interview till you exit, everything is being noticed by an employer. As they say, “The first impression is the last impression” holds true for each and every candidate. The way you interact with the receptionist to your interaction with the CEO counts in how close you are to get that particular job. Employers, of course, look for the particular skill sets that are important but they also gauge the attitude of the candidate to figure out his potential to tackle various situations. Technical skills can be honed by training, however, the right approach and attitude of a candidate determine his eagerness to learn.

Your hard work and capabilities will propel your career but as you move up the corporate ladder, the respect and recognition from your subordinates and peers become vital. People will look up to you or recognise your work not only because of your extraordinary performance but also how you treat your teammates and your attitude towards the work while achieving the goals. They remember you for who you really are as a person.

The references that you mention in your resume are the proof of how well you have built and maintained the relations you have with your colleagues, clients, and your superiors. And such level of confidence and trust in the eyes of a person can only be achieved through an optimistic attitude.

“Everything that happens to you is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”

Positive attitude always helps in looking at the problem as an opportunity to prove oneself and it makes the job look easier. Having an optimistic attitude towards your work shows how much you love your job and also your passion for tackling any situations in the dynamic environment. It is always better to fail hundred times and keep on trying rather than giving up on something.

You are only the person who can drive your life to where you see yourself as an optimistic leader and successful person or you remain at the same mediocre level where you deal with the same problem every day.

Attitudes are contagious, make yours worth catching!

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