How To Gauge Job Security In A Startup

A job security according to me has to be built and the best way to do it, is building strong skill sets, so you will be desired. There is no job security either at a Startup or at a Multinational when you aren’t really essential. 

The world has become dynamic with unconventional business models where substantial profits can be generated with least of infrastructure or number of people. Startups and small sized business can too rake in high revenue. There are tons examples of many companies.

So, there is no need to be apprehensive about job security in startups, rather make a rationale decision during your job search. Few points below might be of some help –

1. Research about the company. Go through its website and other social media pages.
2. What are the products and the technologies it’s dealing with? If they are cutting edge and has potential in future.
3. Find about financials. Though it is inappropriate to directly ask about the financials. But feel free to look at publicly available data to take a call on their financial stability.
4. Best is if you get to meet the founders and the real people who founded the company. Ask in the interview about the future plans and understand their vision. See if your aspirations are in sync with theirs.
5. Understand your growth path in the company. This would prove that a company has a long-term plan and vision and what’s in for you in future.
6. Find out about the employees working in the company. Check their social media profiles and see if you would be a good fit or would like to work with them.
7. Work on something critical to the company and become a critical resource.
8. Keep upgrading yourself with the latest technologies and be hungry to grab more responsibilities.

Do your due diligence before grabbing a new opportunity. Have faith and trust your instincts. Always be prepared for the worst. At the end remember, “No Guts, No Glory!”

Startups prepare you on how to create opportunities by understanding the problems well. If you believe that startups won’t give you job security, then they can for sure provide career security. They set you up to be versatile, flexible and ready for whatever comes next.

Startups add many of other important aspects to your career which are definitely required at some stage in your career –

  • Continuous challenges and learning
  • Dealing with real problems
  • Keeps you up to date with new technologies
  • Diverse roles and responsibilities
  • Mentoring by the inventors and founders
  • Best use of limited resources
  • Opportunity to work with like minded people

Would love to know your thoughts on job security as comments!

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