How Job Hops Could Impact Your Career

Everyone at some point in life needs a change whether personally or professionally. Change is important to learn new things, new perspectives in life, to grow and gather different experiences.¬†Professionally speaking change can come in many forms and doesn’t really have to be a change in an organization.
Switching jobs is an important decision and could be necessary but needs to be based on a career plan and not just short term monetary relief. Imagine what N Chandrasekaran (the Tata Sons CEO) would have been today if he had that mentality. 

Analyse what you are missing in your current organisation in terms of new learning opportunities, new challenges or being paid very less than the current market standards, have a rationale. As you become a senior member of the industry these decisions could come back to bite you.

There are quite a few benefits to carefully finding a good position and organization to work at and then sticking around with them.

Build Longterm Relationships

Sticking around with the same organisation helps to build meaningful relationships with the peers. Relationships are key when you require reference or guidance for your future career goals.

Adds To Learning And Growth

It takes at least a year to understand and learn about your current role and processes in one organisation. So, staying longer in an organisation helps you understand the role better, mature in it and take up additional responsibilities and finally it leads to excellence and growth. If you excel in your current role, the management will always be up for offering you higher or leadership positions and challenges since you have proved your worth already. Also, you can always explore other avenues in your current company since you have gained expertise in your current role. All companies want to retain their current employees as they invest a lot of time and money in training them. So they prefer offering higher positions and better compensation to the old incumbents.


Building trustworthiness in an organisation always takes a lot of time and perseverance. And once you have achieved that, you gain a lot of flexibility in your work like getting flexibility in work from home or office timings or asking for a role which you like etc. And this all happens since you have proved yourself and built a trustworthy image. And if you switch your job in two or three years time then you need to go through the whole cycle of building your image from scratch.

Say in the company

Also, where there is trust people listen to your ideas and opinions. And as you become a key member your input can help shape the company’s culture, processes, vision and goals.

Job Security And Stability

Job security is a very big factor in today’s dynamic work environment where competition is tough and companies really have to fight a big deal in sustaining here. Serving a company for a long duration will help you reap benefits of provident fund, gratuity, medical insurance etc. Also, when you are with an organization through their ups and downs, proven how dependable you are, this makes you a bankable employee that the organization would hate to lose.

Cumulative Effect

Job hoping has a cumulative effect and raises eyebrows of the employers. In 5 years of work experience, if someone has worked with 3 companies or 4 companies, it raises a lot of questions to any potential employer looking at your resume. This might question your behaviour, stability, being a good team player, clarity in career goals, fixation on salary etc.

You might very quickly become a highly paid individual who has shallow domain experience and won’t be eligible for key senior roles.

Would love to know more about what you think about job hops, do comment!

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