Access health records on iPhone, Roche’s $1.9B acquisition and more healthtech updates

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1- Apple to allow consumers to access their health records on their phones.

Apple is moving deeper into the healthcare industry by providing a service that allows the users to view, access and store their medical records on their iPhones … read more at Wired

2- Roche’s to acquire all shares of Flatiron Health for $1.9B

Roche has revealed to acquire Flatiron Health, a healthcare technology and services firm in an agreement that will see both the companies being involved providing their respective expertise to help advance, develop and personalize the delivery of oncology medicines … read more at CNBC

3- Fitbit to provide access to a health coach by acquiring Twine Health

While Fitbit helps provide measuring of physical activity through a wearable, it now goes one step further by helping the wearers live healthier lives by now acquiring Twine Health, a coaching platform that aims at providing services that help improve health outcomes at a lower cost … read more at TechCrunch

4- A wearable throat sensor promises to improve stroke rehabilitation

The easy to use and wear device will help measure a patient’s ability to swallow and his pattern of speech to identify and detect any symptoms. It further helps in reduction of throat irritation … read more at TheEngineer

5- A Palm Reader device to help in monitoring health

A Japanese team has recently developed an ultra-thin skin LED device that can be stuck on either side of the hand, coupled with a wearable sensor in order to display all health information … read more at SCMP


1- AI’s influence and role in helping fill gaps in the Healthtech industry

In the following podcast, Peter Lee along with the host discuss the role AI plays in the healthtech industry and how it provides a promising future to the human health industry by addressing and tacking every issue human’s themselves have/are struggling with … read more and listen to the podcast at Geek Wire

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