Amazon’s secret team “1492” building healthtech product for the elderly, World’s First Augmented Reality Telemedicine Technology, Mass General study finds better chronic care outcomes and much more.

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1- Amazon’s secret team “1492” building healthtech product for elderly

Amazon’s secretive health team in talking terms about making products for the older population … read more at Health and CIO Report

2- Butterfly Network announces the World’s First Augmented Reality Telemedicine Technology.

AI based healthtech startup Butterfly Network has developed the world’s first whole-body ultrasound imager … read more at TechStartups

3- Massachusetts General Hospital discovers solution for providing better chronic care.

After conducting a six-month study, it was found that having trained population health coordinators helped improve health outcomes for patients suffering from chronic disease … read more at HealthTech

4- Adamas leads funding round for Singapore healthtech project DocDoc,

An Asian patient empowerment company managed to raise funds worth $5.45 million, with Adamas investing $2million … read more at WebFinancialGroup

5- Ways mobility will help revolutionize healthtech by 2022.

Over the coming years, clinical mobile adoption is set to grow rapidly hence, increased mobile usage to cause convenient and long-lasting impacts in the healthtech field … read more at HealthTech

6- A rural Indian healthtech startup to have raised funds.

Karma Primary Healthcare Services which provides healthtech services to the rural areas in India has managed to raise $500,000 … read more at TechCircle


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