UK citizens now presumed organ donors, Nokia to possibly cease its healthtech division, Google’s new wearable for diabetes control and more on health & wellness

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1- UK citizens now presumed organ donors

The UK passes a law suggesting that every Brit citizen will be an automatic organ donor after they die unless they say otherwise. This will help the country address the problem it is facing, a chronic shortage for transplants … read more at Financial Express

2- Nokia seems to be struggling to see a future with its healthtech division

Only two years after acquiring a French Company named Withings for $190Mn, it is now rumored to Nokia shutting its healthtech sector down. Users have noted that they had been having quite a few issues with Withings … read more at Money Journals

3- Google’s new retinal scans to help discover heart diseases

Google and Verily, its healthtech subsidiary have found a unique and easier way to help detect cardiovascular diseases … read more at Tech Times

4- Sony and Ericsson to team up and develop a diabetes control wearable

The device developed will help track the user’s blood sugar levels, activity, sleep, and heart rate, while also providing alerts if glucose levels drop … read more at Wareable

5- Electronic sensors developed to help speed up the recovery of stroke patients.

These electronic sensors are designed to be worn on the throat and can wirelessly send real-time information that can be used by the doctors/therapists to monitor the development of patients’ recovery read more on Mobi Health News

6- Apollo Hospitals (India) signs a MoU with IBM to raise funds up to $50-100Mn for startups.

With the healthtech sector booming in India, Apollo hospitals along with IBM to provide funds and act like as an avenue to primarily provide $5Mn that will be later increased to $10Mn for startups … read more at Financial Express

7- A wearable to detect the diseases as it develops.

Princeton engineers are working on developing a software that could help diagnose diseases in real-time. It will help detect signs of trouble that patients aren’t aware of or symptoms that the doctors fail to recognize in the early stages read more at TechXplore

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