Amazon to hire FDA official to lead the healthtech business, Australia and USA to join hands to improve healthcare, South Korea to introduce healthtech across all cities and much more.

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1- Amazon to hire a former FDA official to lead a secretive healthtech business.

Taha Kass-Hout, a former chief health informatics officer at the FDA is joining Amazon’s experimental projects team led by former Google X boss Babak Parviz … read more at CNBC

2- Australia and USA to enter into an alliance to improve their healthcare.

Top tech leaders of Australia and USA to work towards and launch a healthtech innovation alliance this week by the Federal Government … read more at HealthcareIT

3- South Korean cities to adopt mobile health technology.

Municipal Governments across South Korean cities are now adopting to mobile health technology in order to improve public health … read more at TheKoreaBizwire

4- Summarizing Wired Health 2018

A brief summary of the events occurred at Wired Health, a conference conducted yearly in London that presents a wide array of healthtech influencers and companies offering services in the healthtech space … read more at MedicalNewsToday

5- Healthtech Hazard: Hackers can cause serious damages to patients

Hackers can kill patients by stopping their functioning healthtech device causing healthtech open to cyber attacks … read more on

6- Tracking flu in real time

Having access to near real-time EHR information can enable tracking and forecasting in order to improve the flu condition … read more at HealthTech

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