Apple Launches EHR App, Track your flu with smart thermometer from Nokia, New Organ discovered and more!


  • Apple makes its health record app more comprehensive by tripling the number of participating health care organisations
  • Track your flu with smart thermometer from Nokia
  • RecoMed and Discover team up
  • New Organ discovered! and more ….

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1- 39 Health Systems join Apple Health Record System

39 Health Systems are now sharing their medical records with the patients through the Apple’s health record app … read more at HealthTech

2- Flu Tracking: Nokia’s smart thermometer helps track flu

Nokia’s new smart thermometer helps to keep track of and to identify flu symptoms within time … read more at HealthTech

3- RecoMed, a healthtech startup collaborates with Discovery

RecoMed, a local healthtech startup has collaborated with Discovery in order to help integrate its healthcare online booking platform … read more at ITWeb

4- Google’s parent company to have earned fruitful investment returns.

Alphabet’s investment initiative, Google Ventures has had five of its healthcare bets go public last year, out of which GV owned a large stake in four of them making the combined ownership of the four companies around $153m … read more at CNBC

5- Pain blocking technology to be available in 40 VA centres across the USA

BioWave, a healthtech organization that specializes in producing pain blocking technology has announced that its technology is now in use in 40 VA centres nationwide … read more at BusinessWire

6- Discovery of new organ that can cause cancer cells to spread

A new organ named interstitium was found to help facilitate the spread of cancer cells across other parts of the body … read more at TechTimes

7- How can one evaluate the value of Telehealth Efforts

Following article can help understand the ways of measuring the quality of telehealth … read more at HealthTech



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