Features of a Good Website

Do you ever face problems while browsing a website? I for a matter of fact face problems while checking out a website for multiple reasons and that is a very big demotivation for me to continue staying on that page. So if you want to create your own website you should know that there are some very fundamental details that you should keep in mind before you finalize on your decisions. Here are a few 

1. Color
While creating your website you must ensure that the colour scheme of your webpage does not blind the viewers. Use subtle colours that go easy on the viewer’s eyes. If you have a logo you could use the colour of that as long as it’s subtle. If your brand logo does not have subtle colours in them, then you can also use some standard shades like white and grey. Another factor you must consider is on accessibility. Many of your viewers could be visually impaired and may not be able to access the website the same as other. Hence program it in a way that you everyone and anyone can access your website.

2. Font
Along with the background comes the presentation of the content. While selecting the font of your content there are three things you must always follow.
· Your font must be easily readable to the viewers.
· It should be of a colour that is in contrast with your website background.
· The sizes should be appropriately decided on the basis of the placement of the content and its relevance on the website.
There needs to be balance between the spacing, text and images for it to be user friendly.

3. Navigation/User-friendliness
When a visitor views your website, they could be looking for something for very specific or it could also be extremely general. Since you are creating your own website, make a list of possible things the audience might want to search for in your website. Keeping that in mind, map your website in a way that you provide enough cues and directions to allow the viewers to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. The headings should be clear enough for the viewers to know what to expect to find inside.

4. Content
This is where you get your viewers interested in browsing your website. In my opinion the content should be written in simple language with very little use of complex words. It must be straightforward and crisp with the use of proper grammar. It should be written in a way that the readers do not get bored while reading and at the same time understand your message clearly. Also ensure that you do not make your sentences repetetive.

5. Search Engine Optimized
Finally the most important of all features is SEO. Your website will only be visible if it has been search engine optimized and carefully every bit of detail right from its pictures to content has been checked for plagiarism throughout. That is what will get your website to appear on the search platforms for people to view.

Build a website and give it the identity that you wish to reflect. So do that and keep it simple. If you feel that there could be more to look out for while creating a website then let us know in the comments section.

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