Evaluating a Job Offer

Receiving an offer is an important phase of your Job hunt process. Choosing the right employment offer can be really a difficult decision to make. Especially when you receive multiple offers from equally good employers.


Every offer you receive might not be fulfilling in all aspects. But, think about the opportunity from a development point, if it fulfills your aspirations. Take time to think about your career goals before you say yes. 


One should definitely consider the following factors while evaluating a job offer.



Salary is probably the first factor that every candidate will think about. But really should not be your only concern and probably not the first. As long as you are being paid at or above the industry standard for the skills and experience you bring to the table there far more important things to worry about.


Make sure you consider this factor during major changes like- relocation, longer commute etc. In such cases, the salary or monetary benefits should be high enough to curb your additional expenses.


Job Satisfaction

Every individual has different abilities and interests. Understand if the new job really interests you. Do a complete analysis of the job profile. What are the duties and responsibilities involved? Which skills and technologies are required to perform those tasks? Understand if the employment complements your career plan. This will help you to decide whether you want to be a part of such team.


Work Culture

Have a thought on whether you will be happy working in this place. Imagine yourself as a part of that organization. Interactions between the people in that workplace can widely affect the growth of individuals. Try to get more about their work environment, social norms of the workplace.


Other Benefits

Sometimes, while focusing too much on the salary, you may ignore some valuable benefits like flexible working hours and vacation time. Also, consider various perks and benefits like- sick leaves, family trips, health insurance, retirement benefits etc. that the organization is willing to provide.


Once you have evaluated all the above factors, assess your job offer accordingly. Think about what you exactly want from your job and then choose the one which best suits you.

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