Injectable sensor to monitor blood alcohol levels, smartphones to monitor illness, app to track diabetes and much more

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1-  Sensor for Monitoring alcohol: Sensor developed to help identify blood alcohol levels

An injectable sensor is been developed by the engineers at the University of California San Diego in order to help identify blood alcohol levels … read more at ScienceNewsLine Medicine  

2- Identifying illness through monitoring smartphones

The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded a $5.1 million contract to Fairfax in order to develop an app for soldiers that help them identify diseases based on the smartphone data of an individual … read more at WashingtonPost

3- Hong Kong startup has launched smart socks for newborns

Peacify, a Hong Kong based startup has launched a healthcare monitoring devices in the form of socks to track a newborn’s vital signs in real time … read more at Digitimes

4- Intel to shut down its wearable division

Intel confirmed to close down its New Devices Group that developed wearable electronics … read more at Interesting Engineering

5- Twitter, Snapdeal and Blue Jeans founders backup a Delhi based Startup named ‘Visit’

Founded in 2016, Visit receives massive funding from co-founders of Twitter, Snapdeal and Blue Jeans Network … read more at Inc24

6- Carin wearables to extend its activities to Australia and New Zealand

LifeSense Group, an Eindhoven based wearable tech company has partnered with Hartmann Group, a global medical goods provider to expand its activities in Australia and New Zealand … read more at Hightech Campus

7- This healthcare app could help Indians to track diabetes

App named ‘Smart Health’ developed by ASHAs will be used to identify people suffering from diabetes in rural communities in India … read more at Business-Standard

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