AMA teams up with Google, new Healthtech accelerator launches in UK, Antibiotics may be the cause to allergies in babies and more

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1- American Medical Association (AMA), Google announce interoperability and innovation challenge.

AMA has joined Google to conduct a challenge to raise ideas of novel approaches in order to improve mobile health technology … read more at Healthcare Informatics

2- New health accelerator developed to help reduce medical costs.

HS has developed a new accelerator that will help position UK at the frontline of providing a cure for costly healthcare practices … read more at EliteBusiness

3- Antibiotics and antacids to be the cause of babies developing allergies.  

Infants to develop childhood allergies due to consumption of antibiotics and antacids as these drugs may alter their bacteria … read more at TechtTimes

4- Apple hit with a lawsuit over heart rate sensor technology in Apple Watch.

Omni MedSci claims that the Apple Watch heart rate sensor infringes copyrights that are registered under the firm’s name … read more at Digital Trends

5- Kalam Institute of Health Technology assigned to be the official hub of technology assessment.

KIHT, located in Andhra Pradesh (India) is now the assigned to be the official regional hub for Health Technology in India … read more at TheHindu

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