Fitbit and Google to collaborate, wearable developed that can hear and act upon inner voices, technology to help alter human genes to make it immune to viruses and much more!

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1- Fitbit and Google Health to collaborate.

Fitbit and Google Health announce collaboration in order to accelerate innovation in digital health and wearables … read more at Fortune

2- A wearable to hear and act upon your inner voices.

MIT researchers have developed a wearable that once worn is able to hear your words or instructions and provide you the necessary information. The headset measures the tiny neuromuscular signals that are generated when we say words in our heads … read more at Engadget

3- Alternative technology to be used in order to make humans immune to viruses.

Post developing the use of CRISPR to edit genes of human cells, George Church to now use an alternative technology to recode the human gene, making it immune to viruses … read more at Forbes

4- A tooth sensor in making to determine and track dental diseases.

Scientists are developing a tooth sensor that can be injected into the gums to determine and track any dental disease through saliva and not blood … read more at Mashable India

5- FDA initiates involvement of AI in medicine and drug development.

The Food and Drug Administration to encourage and inculcate the use of AI and other digital tools for medicine and drug development … read more at CNBC

6- A smart wearable now available for industry workers.

Honeywell announced a hands-free wearable that permits the workers to safely and efficiently accomplish their task in the field … read more at AutomationWorld  


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