Say goodbye to surgery for chronic pain, get your summer on with these perfect wearables, quit smoking with the help of wearables and much more!

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1- Say no to surgery: Tech companies offering chronic pain solutions

Following are 5 healthtech companies; Hinge Health, Karuna, Applied VR, Neurometrix and Axial Healthcare are providing chronic pain solutions that are alternatives to surgery … read more on MediCity

2- Presenting the perfect wearable partner for your summer!

A list of wearables that will are your perfect company for your summer sport … read more at Which

3- Wearables to help addicts quit smoking

With wearables helping in reconstructing the healthtech space, read about how now they will assist in helping addicts quit smoking … read more on MediCityNews

4- FDA approves of AI tool that can detect wrist fractures

FDA in favor of Imagene’s OsteoDetect that uses AI to study 2D X-rays and detect signs of wrist fractures … read more on Engadget

5- Singapore startup unveils its smart t-shirt

KaHa, Singapore based startup, has launched its smart t-shirt that monitors one’s heart rate and automatically sends alerts … read more on SiliconIndia

6- Weekly updates: Wearables

Following article highlights occurring in the wearable industry … read more on Forbes


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