Ever wondered what Apple does with your healthcare data? Wearable to help you be more productive, health tech enables early diagnosis of Dementia and much more

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1- Digital health to help in early diagnosis of dementia

Dementia is a serious growing condition and these organizations with the help of technology are trying to help detect and treat this condition … read more at The Guardian

2- What does Apple do with the healthcare data of its users?

The data collected by Apple will be shared with various organizations by the consent of the users to internally help them manage, share and track their records … read more at Digital Journal

3- Stop Daydreaming with the help of this wearable

This clip-on FOCI Device helps you to stop daydream and get productive … read more at PCMAG

4- Generation of a Therapeutic garden for children

Child & Adolescent Services with the help of the gracious funding provided by the Bermuda Hospital Charity Trust to build a therapeutic garden for children in order for the children to create creative educational opportunities, even for the physically challenged … read more at The Royal Gazette

5- Royal Philips launches its first future health index in India

Future Health Index is a research-based platform that will help nations determine if they are ready to address global health challenges and build national health systems … read more at Health World

6- Now wear your wearable as nail art

L’Oreal’s wearable is designed to fit on your fingernail to help measure the UV exposure … read more at Digital Trends

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