Detecting stress levels through simply sweating, educating children to use mobile phones to help improve their mental health, using technology to help autistic people and much more!

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1- Now detect your stress levels through simply sweating!

Stanford University has developed a wearable patch that when worn will be able to detect your stress levels through your sweat. This device absorbs the sweat from the skin and within seconds, the wearable is able to assess how much stress hormone a person is producing in real time … read more at Inverse

2- Using mobile phones to improve a child’s mental health: Beano Comics

The long-running comic The Beano along with YoungMinds are collaborating to generate a character named ‘Mandi and her Mobile’ where the stories will revolve around making the kids use technology to their advantage … read more at Independent

3- Empowering autistic people in India

Google glasses which were launched back in 2015 couldn’t leave its mark then, however, BrainPower seems to be adopting similar technology to help benefit the autistic patients … read more at Gadgets 360

4- Usage of smartphones might cause brain disorder amongst teens

A recent study suggests smartphones produce a high risk of ADHD amongst teens and children … read more at Economic Times

5- Why is it important for patients and doctors to have a healthy relationship

Read more on CNBC as to why it is important for companies to focus on working towards building a good relationship between doctors and patients.

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