A Super Suit to help improve mobility for the elderly, Armani launches another digital watch, read about the dark side of Digital Health and much more!

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1- Super Suit: A tech-fashionable wearable to help improve mobility for the elders

To be launched by the end of 2018, this wearable suit will help boost muscle power through the sensors which will result in improving mobility for the elderly … read more at Healthcare Packaging

2- Emporio Armani is back with another digital watch!

The new watch which is a combination of tech and fashion, it is a digital waterproof wearable and helps detect your heart rate and connect with various other health applications … read more at Digital Trends

3- The dark side of digital health: Cocaine users relying on Fitbit

Just like everything, digital health also has its set of advantages and consequences it has to bear. With Apple Watch allowing to measure your heart rate, cocaine users are dependent on that data during drug binges … read more at Mail Online

4- Chatbots to help assist patients in identifying the appropriate care and treatment around you

Patients to receive advice from chatbots software by simply providing basic information and symptoms to help identify the right care around them and help then cut their waiting time at the hospitals … read more at Straitstimes

5- This technology to help save lives of newborns in Uganda

Neopenda, a health tech firm aims at providing technology services that will help the nurses manage and keep records of the newborn and the babies in an overcrowded or understaffed hospital in Uganda … read more at Business Insider

6- Singapore: A promising health tech hub

With the rise in health tech firms and investors, Singapore shows immense potential in the health tech space … read more at SBR

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