FDA approves marketing of an app that prevents pregnancy, a wearable that helps you relax, consulting with a robot doctor and much more!

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1- An app preventing pregnancy gets FDA marketing approved

Read more on how an app called Natural Cycles uses an algorithm to calculate the days of the month when a woman is most likely to be fertile is now approved by the FDA to be openly marketed and known to people.

2- A wearable designed to help you relax!

These wearables are being specially designed to help you reduce your stress and relax your mind. Read more on how they are able to that and if they have been successful in achieving their goal.

3- The robot doctor will see you now!

Can you imagine sharing your symptoms with a robot who will provide you with solutions? Read more on how Babylon health with the help of NHS has managed to execute this.

4- Technology and diabetes

Diabetes is a very complicated and common disease faced by many, read about how technology can help manage and control your diabetes

5- Wristband to now also be an environmental monitor in respect to health and wellness

Read about this wearable band to act like Fitbit however, the biosensor in it acts like a radiator which includes analyzing the blood cells, bacteria and particles in the air

6- mHealth HIV interventions amongst the youth

Read about how beneficial it is to raise awareness and treat HIV amongst the youth through mHealth

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