Get fashionable with this wearable shirt, technology developed to treat migraine by a sniff of air, Vodafone’s addition of SOS messaging wearable and much more!

Curated articles and news related to health tech and wellness.
1- Forget wearing your wearable on the wrist, now get fashionable with this wearable shirt!

This smart shirt which is being developed in Singapore will now not only help track your physical activity but also your heart rate, electrocardiography, maximal aerobic capacity and much more … read more at The Straitstimes

2- Treating migraine instantly with this technology

Migraine being a severe condition suffered by the majority of the population across the globe, this wearable will help provide instant relief from the migraine pain … read more at Forbes

3- Vodafone aims at improving its existing wearable

V for Vodafone which was launched last year will now also include a line of products named V-SOS which will help send emergency messages to 4 contacts … read more at CNBC

4- Tech that would ensure keeping astronauts happy in the space

With NASA planning to send a considerable amount of astronauts to space, a wearable is being developed to help them with their mental health and stay happy … read more at Techradar

5- Are you ready to experience playing digital health golf?

FTI Consulting has developed a game that incorporates Europe’s digital health challenges and how to tackle them … read more at Euractiv

6- Privacy in Health Tech

With digital health mainly functioning on data sharing and collection, read about how privacy is a major issue amongst users in the digital health space … read more at Healthcare IT News

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