A house that monitors your physical and mental well-being, why are women not happy with Fitbit’s new period tracking feature, amazon’s new foray into Indian digital health space and much more!

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1. Now a house that monitors your health!

We can glimpse through how the future of housing will look like by visiting The Sphere (Sensor Platform for Healthcare in a Residential Environment) project before the end of August in Bristol. The house will have sensors to monitor activity levels, diet, and exercise and even depression! Read more

2. A WhatsApp Style app to connect patients and doctors

The platform allows doctors to coordinate with patients in real time via instant messaging, share information with other caregivers. It has been launched in some 1050 clinics. More here  

3. Women not happy with Fitbit’s new period tracking feature

Fitbit drew criticism from women for the period tracking feature that only allows women to track periods up to 10 days and only 5 symptoms. Read more

4. Amazon ready to dive into the Indian health tech market

Amazon is likely to venture into health tech market in India and is reportedly in talks with two pharma chains. More here

5. Now a digital T-shirt that lets you see your heartbeat

The wearers can see the AR version of their vital organs, available in many ranges and sizes, it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. See it in action here  

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