Wearables are now helping you boost your focus, attain better sleep, may even help reduce smoking and much more!

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1- FOCI: The wearable that helps boost your focus

FOCI is a wearable that clips to your waist and helps fight technology addiction in order to improve your focus … read more at Ubergizmo

2- Relax and get better sleep with the help of these wearables

Following is a list of the wearables that will help you feel relaxed and get you better sleep … read more at Which

3- Is this new device helping reduce smoking or is an upcoming addiction amongst teens?

Various discussions have been carried out if Juule, the new e-cigarette device will help in reduction of smoking or will lead to an addiction … read more at CNBC

4- Instagram adds another feature to help reduce technology addiction

Instagram has been in the news for introducing features to help reduce tech addiction, it now introduces a feature which tells you if you’ve come across and seen everything on your feed … read more at Trusted Reviews

5- Quick detection of Zika virus through smartphone technology

The spreading of Zika virus seems to be an overgrowing concern hence, a smart technology has been developed for rapid detection of the virus … read more at Eurekalert

6- A monetary friendly innovation to help monitor diabetes

An innovation that includes AI may help enable future diabetics to monitor blood sugar without drawing blood … read more at Health Leaders

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