Digital Health explained – on a piece of napkin! After instagram, Apple will also help keep in check our iphone addiction, India to give its citizens control over digital health records and much more.

Curated news and articles related to digital health and wellness.

1- Explaining digital health on a piece of napkin

Krishna Yeshwant, a long time Google Investor draws a foursquare box model to help simplify and fill gaps in the healthtech space … read more at CNBC

2- Apple to introduce a digital health initiative to help kill your iPhone addiction

Following Instagram’s footsteps of helping improve digital health, the new iOS 12 update will introduce different tools that will help control and track your usage of your phone … read more at GadgetHacks

3- India proposes Law to give Indians complete control of their digital health records

With countries like Australia allowing its citizens to control their health data recently, India’s health ministry has processed the above law and if passed, it would make India one of the world’s foremost jurisdictions in the regulation of healthcare data … read more at Business Standard

4- Is your Fitbit data safe?

In the following article, read about how safe is your data gathered and used by Fitbit … read more at BNA

5- Babylon and Samsung health to join hands for an initiative

The two companies have announced them partnering to launch an “ask the expert feature” that will allow the users to check their symptoms before consulting a doctor … read more at DigitalHealth

6- Withings plans to raise its wearable business from the ashes

After acquiring Nokia’s wearable business, CEO of Withings Eric Carreel plans to raise its company from the ashes and back in the market … read more at VentureBeat

7- Australia in process of creating a well-connected healthcare system

The Australian Digital Health Agency announced the government working towards connecting the health services across Australia … read more at  OpenGov

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