Did you miss the great technologies at GR8Conf 2016?

Last week we attended one of the key conferences in the Groovy and Grails community, GR8ConfEU 2016! 

It was a very well put together event by the GR8Conf team with key Groovy and Grails committers from OCI and other Groovy developers from various parts of the world speaking.

They touched upon a lot of topics but there are a few key things that I took away from the event that could benefit any Groovy development.

Grails 3

A re-write from ground up, Grails 3 pushes the platform forward by leaps and bounds. The migration from 2.x to 3 is something you should be excited about! It is a bit of work but the improvements are totally worth it.

Changes in Grails 3 include

Spring Boot

Grails 3 at its core now takes advantage of Spring Boot and some of its features like making it a standalone application. That is, it now has an embedded tomcat, Jetty or Undertow, no need to deploy WAR files.


The Gradle build system. If you don’t already use it, you should. It allows you to use Groovy for writing the build scripts. Now you also get to exploit the Gradle plug-in system. There are plug-ins available to integrate it with virtually every dev ops pipeline.

Most importantly it uses incremental builds and build caching which adds tremendous performance improvements for each build.


GORM 5 has been out for a while now and can be used as standalone outside Grails! Getting a peek into what is coming in GORM was awesome. RxGORM coming soon is built on RxJava and is a nonblocking implementation that will allow Grails app to reach greater performance heights


Browser automation tool built on groovy! Again, has been around for a while now but I wanted to add this here; if you’re using Angular and writing e2e test cases in Javascript, Groovy using Geb could be a very viable option depending on the team you have.


Ratpack built on Java 8 and Netty, this lightweight framework is perfect for writing micro-services that work with your existing stack but can be used to do much more.

Three days of immersive workshops and talks. With topics that touched on what’s new, things that are coming in the next release and things we could do better; couldn’t have asked for more! Looking forward to the next one.

If you attended GR8Conf? I would love to hear your thoughts and how did it go for you?

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