Cover letter – why it could be a powerful add on to your resume

Cover letters are becoming very rare these days. A lot of job seekers feel that it is unnecessary to write a cover letter when you are already providing a detailed resume.  Don’t be blinded by such misconceptions! Cover letters could be as important as your resumes. 


We all know that resumes are one of the most important documents when you are in the process of job search. But, a resume displays only the information related to your academics, work experience, and your achievements. Whereas a cover letter represents something beyond that.


Cover letter could be a one-page document having 1-2 paragraphs. It is a really brief account of why are you interested in the position and the organization. Also, why you would be a good fit.


Adding a cover letter could be very effective, especially if there is some gap in your employment or you are having a career shift.


An employer will definitely prefer the candidates who have bothered to attach a cover letter along with resume. It shows that –

  • You have properly reviewed the employer’s website.
  • You have appropriate knowledge about the current job position.
  • You are keen to work on the same since you are taking efforts to do the research and draft the document
  • How ambitious you are about pursuing your career in the same field


Your resume might be very attractive but, it won’t carry much value if you cannot justify your passion for your career. So, even if your employer does not ask for the cover letter, try to include one and just like your resume, customize your cover letter for different jobs. It will make your application stand out.

We would love to hear more from you on writing a cover letter. Do comment!

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