Content Marketing 101 for Startups

Starting a business is never easy. As a marketing intern here at Causecode Technologies I have explored some bit of content marketing which brings me on how to kickstart your new business with solid content that will make you visible to your target audience. Let’s have a look at some strategies that will help your company gather pace in reaching out to your audience. 

1. Set your goals.
As a startup, you need to have your goals as an organization in order to ensure that your content reflects the values and ethos of your organization. Explain the ‘why’ of your product or service in your content so that you set your grounds in relation to your competitors.

2. Understand your target market.
Often companies make the mistake of marketing how great their products or a service is rather than actually addressing the real problem being faced out there. You need to understand the problems customers and your target market are facing and accordingly create content in terms of how valuable your product will be in solving these problems.

3. Generate ideas for content.
Once you have your objectives set, you must start brainstorming some ideas for the content. Create a pool of ideas and select the one where there is an assured possibility of strong delivery of content. Keep in mind it must have an impact on the readers as they are looking for something very specific.

4. Decide a medium for delivery.
There could be a range of ways in which the content can be published which includes videos, newsletters, podcasts, slides and so on. Make sure that there is a variety. This would be a way of diversifying your website and making it less boring for the audience to get information. But more importantly understand where your target audience spends most of their time or would like.

5. Publish the content.
Once the content has been written and is ready to be published, the date of publishing must be carefully planned and well thought of before getting it published. Most marketers are very careful about the dates that they publish their content with regard to the popular occasions such as maybe Christmas and New Years. However, you may not necessarily stick to the traditional ones only. You could also look out for niche occasions and time periods that cater to your target audience and publish your content around those days.

6. Update it regularly.
Having content published is a big step that requires efforts, however maintaining and updating it from time to time also is necessary. You may feel that your ideas are everlasting and will always be sought after. But that’s not how it always works. Keep putting forward new content that will always keep your audience engaged with your product.

There are plenty of other things that a startup while marketing has to bear in mind. These are some very simple tactics that can have a profound impact on your effectiveness as a startup. Feel free to comment below if you feel there could be other aspects to strengthening marketing content.

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