Life @ Causecode: A Glimse Into Our Workplace

Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy” – Howard Stevenson

It can get a bit difficult to describe a company’s culture, even though one would work in one throughout the day. From team-based culture with employee participation at all levels to traditional and formal management style, every workplace has its own set of values and company culture they follow. Workplace culture is not usually distinguished to being good or bad although, the aspects of your culture are likely to support the progress and success of an organization. It is known to be the character and personality of your company that defines the environment the employees work in. It helps distinguish an organization as it sums up its values, traditions, beliefs, behaviors, and attitude.

A strong culture flourishes with a clear set of values and norms that actively guide the way an organization operates and that is exactly what I learned and observed when I joined the CauseCode team. Being only two months old in this company, I was pleasantly astounded by the workplace culture adopted here that results in high employee involvement, strong internal communication and a healthy level of risk taking which encourages new levels of innovation. The employees here are actively and passionately engaged in their tasks, operating with a sense of confidence and empowerment. Diverse thinking and interests are gracefully understood and respected around here yet the employees possess same work culture values and purposes in order to foster a cohesive community of people within the walls of the organization. I also happened to have observed and experience the constantly motivated enthusiasm environment that is clubbed with strong work ethics. The work environment generated around is healthy, motivated yet a fun environment to work in, in order to increase productivity and make work enjoyable for all the employees.

Many organizations tend to struggle to articulate their culture beyond their core values and corporate responsibility statements mentioned on the website. However, at CauseCode, the workplace culture adopted is that of constantly improving as an individual and as a team in order to increase productivity. Constructive criticism is thoroughly accepted and encouraged around here at all hierarchy levels. The culture here is depicted through actions and are ardently acted upon.

There is a fantastic work and leisure balance followed at CauseCode. Team outings, dinners, activities, fun games and surprise food deliveries at workplace helps balance out the work life of an employee. However, CauseCode just does not only believe in such offering perks and benefits but also takes into consideration how employees are treated and what level of ownership and belief is entrusted upon them which makes it an incredible culture combination to work in.

Employee satisfaction is one of the main values that is imbibed here. Employees here are observed to receive the time and space to complete their assigned tasks and are not be micromanaged. This depicts the trust the senior authorities have in the employees to complete the task with utmost sincerity and dedication without looking into it all the time.

As organizations strive to become more digital and agile, they are observed to embrace various technologies to enables seamless employee experience. At CauseCode, we use various communication and performance management tools such as Slack,15Five etc. in order to enhance productivity and foster a culture of transparency and accountability.

At CauseCode, we believe in building a strong culture that requires dedication, commitment, and hard work, however, it also helps in providing a collaborative environment for a brand as it is one of the most important assets that help in differentiating the organization from others. For this reason, we strongly believe in nurturing, evolving and invigorating it by the people entrusted to keep it true and alive.

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