Why does Instagram make you sad? Healthtech startups gain ground in Africa, if you are an Aussie you have the option to opt out of having a “my health record”, how this Indian startup is helping make TB free India a reality and much more!

Curated news and articles related to digital health and wellness.

1- Did you know Instagram and your mental health are proportionate?

You read it right, studies depict a deeper relation of Instagram and your mental health go hand in hand … read more at Dazed

2- Growth in E-Health observed in Africa.

Africa notices steady growth in e-health and to observe an immense growth in terms of healthcare and digital health in the coming years … read more at Disrupt Africa

3- Australians to get the ‘opt-out period’ for My Health Records

Unless one wants personal electronic health records, Australians will have an getting an option to opt out from it from July 16th to October 15th  … read more SMH

4-Indian startup to help make India TB free by 2025

Qure.ai has found a solution to help detect TB faster and accurately and make India TB free by 2025 … read more at BioSpectrum


Deploying to AWS Lambda

`serverless deploy` all the things!

“Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains”

Ken Segall, Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success


Writing beautiful code is just winning half the battle. However, preparing a place for it to live healthily to be able to efficiently service clients is a whole different story altogether.

What I am about to present to you is surely a testament to the above quote, demonstrating how technical ‘mountains’ can be moved once we have achieved a level of simplicity and a very high level of abstraction. Brace yourselves, because this may change the way you look at deploying your code and, if I may say, about DevOps itself.


Drones get an upgrade from delivering pizzas to precious medical supplies. Nokia’s healthcare business goes full circle- acquired by Withings. Blockchain continues to make strides in health records specific problems and much more!

Curated news and articles related to digital health and wellness.

1- Drones to now help deliver healthcare services.

Drones, that were earlier used to capture photos and videos from a considerable distance can now also be used to deliver healthcare supplies across a considerable distance … read more at HealthTech

2- Nokia to sell its healthcare business to the co-founder of Withings, a startup it bought two years back.

There have been many speculations in the news about Nokia selling its healthcare business and Google and various other multinational companies being interested in acquiring it. However, recently Nokia announced selling its healthcare venture to a Withings, a startup it acquired two years back … read more at Health Management Technology

3- Technology used for Cryptocurrency can help to store medical records

Blockchain, which is the backbone of cryptocurrency can help store and fix existing problems of medical records … read more at Digital Trends


Fitbit and Google to collaborate, wearable developed that can hear and act upon inner voices, technology to help alter human genes to make it immune to viruses and much more!

Curated news and articles, related to Digital Health and Wellness

1- Fitbit and Google Health to collaborate.

Fitbit and Google Health announce collaboration in order to accelerate innovation in digital health and wearables … read more at Fortune

2- A wearable to hear and act upon your inner voices.

MIT researchers have developed a wearable that once worn is able to hear your words or instructions and provide you the necessary information. The headset measures the tiny neuromuscular signals that are generated when we say words in our heads … read more at Engadget

3- Alternative technology to be used in order to make humans immune to viruses.

Post developing the use of CRISPR to edit genes of human cells, George Church to now use an alternative technology to recode the human gene, making it immune to viruses … read more at Forbes


Injectable sensor to monitor blood alcohol levels, smartphones to monitor illness, app to track diabetes and much more

Curated news and articles, related to Health and Wellness.

1-  Sensor for Monitoring alcohol: Sensor developed to help identify blood alcohol levels

An injectable sensor is been developed by the engineers at the University of California San Diego in order to help identify blood alcohol levels … read more at ScienceNewsLine Medicine  

2- Identifying illness through monitoring smartphones

The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded a $5.1 million contract to Fairfax in order to develop an app for soldiers that help them identify diseases based on the smartphone data of an individual … read more at WashingtonPost


Google shows keen interest in acquiring Nokia’s business, Canada to launch a new unit in digital health, Philips to collaborate and help develop teleradiology services in China and much more

Curated news and articles, related to Health and Wellness.

1- Google shows a keen interest in acquiring Nokia’s health business

Less than two years after getting into the healthtech space, Nokia has decided to sell its business and Google is rumoured to have shown a keen interest in acquiring the venture … read more at MobileMarketingMagazine

2- Canada to launch a new unit for digital health licensing

Health Canada is in the process of developing a targeted approach for its digital health technologies … read more at EMERGO

3- Philips to help launch teleradiology services in China

In partnership with Digital China, Philips to help launch SHINEFLY- a cloud-based platform for teleradiology applications in China … read more at Philips.com

4- Myntra acquires a smart wearable startup named Witworks

Myntra, an online fashion portal acquires Witworks, a smart wearable startup in order to strengthen its technology team … read more at Economic Times

5- Top 5 useful kids wearables

Following is the list of 5 wearables for kids that not just look great but are also comfortable to wear and easy for parents to keep track of the child’s activities … read more at JCK

AMA teams up with Google, new Healthtech accelerator launches in UK, Antibiotics may be the cause to allergies in babies and more

Curated news and articles, related to Health and Wellness.

1- American Medical Association (AMA), Google announce interoperability and innovation challenge.

AMA has joined Google to conduct a challenge to raise ideas of novel approaches in order to improve mobile health technology … read more at Healthcare Informatics

2- New health accelerator developed to help reduce medical costs.

HS has developed a new accelerator that will help position UK at the frontline of providing a cure for costly healthcare practices … read more at EliteBusiness

3- Antibiotics and antacids to be the cause of babies developing allergies.  

Infants to develop childhood allergies due to consumption of antibiotics and antacids as these drugs may alter their bacteria … read more at TechtTimes


Apple Launches EHR App, Track your flu with smart thermometer from Nokia, New Organ discovered and more!


  • Apple makes its health record app more comprehensive by tripling the number of participating health care organisations
  • Track your flu with smart thermometer from Nokia
  • RecoMed and Discover team up
  • New Organ discovered! and more ….

Curated news and articles, related to Health and Wellness.

1- 39 Health Systems join Apple Health Record System

39 Health Systems are now sharing their medical records with the patients through the Apple’s health record app … read more at HealthTech

2- Flu Tracking: Nokia’s smart thermometer helps track flu

Nokia’s new smart thermometer helps to keep track of and to identify flu symptoms within time … read more at HealthTech

3- RecoMed, a healthtech startup collaborates with Discovery

RecoMed, a local healthtech startup has collaborated with Discovery in order to help integrate its healthcare online booking platform … read more at ITWeb


Amazon’s secret team “1492” building healthtech product for the elderly, World’s First Augmented Reality Telemedicine Technology, Mass General study finds better chronic care outcomes and much more.

Curated news and articles, related to Health and Wellness.

1- Amazon’s secret team “1492” building healthtech product for elderly

Amazon’s secretive health team in talking terms about making products for the older population … read more at Health and CIO Report

2- Butterfly Network announces the World’s First Augmented Reality Telemedicine Technology.

AI based healthtech startup Butterfly Network has developed the world’s first whole-body ultrasound imager … read more at TechStartups

3- Massachusetts General Hospital discovers solution for providing better chronic care.

After conducting a six-month study, it was found that having trained population health coordinators helped improve health outcomes for patients suffering from chronic disease … read more at HealthTech


Amazon to hire FDA official to lead the healthtech business, Australia and USA to join hands to improve healthcare, South Korea to introduce healthtech across all cities and much more.

Curated news and articles, related to Health and Wellness.

1- Amazon to hire a former FDA official to lead a secretive healthtech business.

Taha Kass-Hout, a former chief health informatics officer at the FDA is joining Amazon’s experimental projects team led by former Google X boss Babak Parviz … read more at CNBC

2- Australia and USA to enter into an alliance to improve their healthcare.

Top tech leaders of Australia and USA to work towards and launch a healthtech innovation alliance this week by the Federal Government … read more at HealthcareIT

3- South Korean cities to adopt mobile health technology.

Municipal Governments across South Korean cities are now adopting to mobile health technology in order to improve public health … read more at TheKoreaBizwire



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