Context Reborn

To all the React developers out there, you must have read this at least once?

“If you want your application to be stable, don’t use context. It is an experimental API and it is likely to break in future releases of React.”

For those who don’t know, earlier this snippet belonged to the official documentation of ReactJS. But now, things have changed 😛 

In this blog post, I’ll be explaining the usage of the stable Context API introduced in React v16.3


Check out all the cool wearables used by FIFA players, Apple watch to monitor blood pressure, gaming addiction proved to be a mental health disorder and much more

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1- Wearable Technology: World Cup 2018

Find out about the wearables used by the players at this world cup … read more at Gadgets and Wearables

2- A digital system that could help save Australian lives

With Australia being quite a hot topic in the digital health space, recently The George Institute for Global Health and Consumers Health Forum of Australia have released the Going Digital initiative which is showing immense progress already … read more at George Institute’s official website

3- mHealth to help solve existing mental health problems in prisons

With mental health technology showing a tremendous growth, The National Institute of Health has proposed to initiate a few more additions to help solve the mental health problems in the prison … read more at Healthcare Analytics news

4- Will Apple watch monitor blood pressure too?

Yes, you read it right! Apple watch will now help monitor and track your blood pressure too … read more at Healthcare Analytics news’


Real-time Group Chat using Firebase Realtime Database

Today, let us show you how you (yes, just you!) can add a full-featured chat functionality to your Web, Android, or iOS app, in a day’s work. (Spoiler for the backend developers: there’s no backend code needed. Absolutely. Zero. Backend. Code.)

What is Firebase?

Firebase was initially a product developed by a startup named Envolve Inc., that sought to make an API for embedding real-time chat in mobile and web apps. Long story short, it grew wildly and this lead the developers to separate the chat feature and the underlying real-time engine that powered it; and that was eventually acquired by — none other than — Google.

Google took it to a whole new level by integrating its slew of services and features targeted towards mobile developers and evolved Firebase from just a real-time database to “BaaS” – Backend as a Service. I’ll not go much into this but here’s a screenshot from their page with the full arsenal of the services provided —

Firebase - services provided

Firebase – services provided


Fashion show with a twist, now there is a Fitbit for kids, this gadget will help improving your running form, AI to help detect Kidney ailments and much more

Curated news and articles related to health and wellness

1- A fashion show no one has ever seen!

Designers of the wearables in the health tech space to walk the ramp and showcase their products and its features … read more at MDDI

2- Fitbit for kids is here!

The Fitbit Ace is developed specially for kids of 8 and up and will help provide customized help to the children … read more at MobiHealthNews

3- If you have a poor running form, Luma health is here to fix it!

The gadget promises to analyze your running stride and help improve it … read more at DigitalTrends

4- Hospitals using AI to help detect kidney diseases

Mount Sinai and RenalytixAI to provide data in order to build an AI technology that will help detect and solve kidney diseases problems … read more at Forbes


ReactJS: the mysterious `key`

In this post, we’re going to discuss issues coming while rendering arrays without proper usage of keys. (more…)

Digital Health explained – on a piece of napkin! After instagram, Apple will also help keep in check our iphone addiction, India to give its citizens control over digital health records and much more.

Curated news and articles related to digital health and wellness.

1- Explaining digital health on a piece of napkin

Krishna Yeshwant, a long time Google Investor draws a foursquare box model to help simplify and fill gaps in the healthtech space … read more at CNBC

2- Apple to introduce a digital health initiative to help kill your iPhone addiction

Following Instagram’s footsteps of helping improve digital health, the new iOS 12 update will introduce different tools that will help control and track your usage of your phone … read more at GadgetHacks

3- India proposes Law to give Indians complete control of their digital health records

With countries like Australia allowing its citizens to control their health data recently, India’s health ministry has processed the above law and if passed, it would make India one of the world’s foremost jurisdictions in the regulation of healthcare data … read more at Business Standard


The fitter you get, the more money you earn!

Can you believe it that an application exists that rewards you for getting fitter? SweatCoin, an application developed in 2015 tracks your walking and rewards you with coins that can be further converted and used to shop! It doesn’t quite technically reward you in direct cash however, it is a cryptocurrency concept based application that provides you with coins that can be converted and can be used to buy a limited number of goods that SweatCoin has made available. It gathers all the steps you have taken and provides you with the ratio of how many steps will convert into sweatcoins which can be later redeemed to shop something. However, the company has expressed an interest in making sweatcoins a real cryptocurrency, meaning one can soon exchange them for real currencies.


Say goodbye to surgery for chronic pain, get your summer on with these perfect wearables, quit smoking with the help of wearables and much more!

Curated news and articles related to digital health and wellness.

1- Say no to surgery: Tech companies offering chronic pain solutions

Following are 5 healthtech companies; Hinge Health, Karuna, Applied VR, Neurometrix and Axial Healthcare are providing chronic pain solutions that are alternatives to surgery … read more on MediCity

2- Presenting the perfect wearable partner for your summer!

A list of wearables that will are your perfect company for your summer sport … read more at Which

3- Wearables to help addicts quit smoking

With wearables helping in reconstructing the healthtech space, read about how now they will assist in helping addicts quit smoking … read more on MediCityNews


Is GDPR a good thing for digital health companies? This popular social media app is taking steps to improve digital health, a list of apps that help improve your mental health and much more! ‘

Curated news and articles related to digital health and wellness.

1- Instagram to add a feature to help improve digital health

With social media being in talks for negatively affecting human health, Instagram announced adding a feature that calculates the amount of time one spends on the application … read more at 9To5Mac

2- Is GDPR in the favor of digital health industries?

With the deadline approaching in 2 days, read about if GDPR will work in favor of Digital Health industries … read more at IndustryToday

3- Improve your mental health with these apps

With May being the mental health awareness month, we present to you a list of apps that will help you improve your mental health … read more at Digital Health Age


Life @ Causecode: A Glimse Into Our Workplace

Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy” – Howard Stevenson

It can get a bit difficult to describe a company’s culture, even though one would work in one throughout the day. From team-based culture with employee participation at all levels to traditional and formal management style, every workplace has its own set of values and company culture they follow. Workplace culture is not usually distinguished to being good or bad although, the aspects of your culture are likely to support the progress and success of an organization. It is known to be the character and personality of your company that defines the environment the employees work in. It helps distinguish an organization as it sums up its values, traditions, beliefs, behaviors, and attitude.

A strong culture flourishes with a clear set of values and norms that actively guide the way an organization operates and that is exactly what I learned and observed when I joined the CauseCode team. Being only two months old in this company, I was pleasantly astounded by the workplace culture adopted here that results in high employee involvement, strong internal communication and a healthy level of risk taking which encourages new levels of innovation. The employees here are actively and passionately engaged in their tasks, operating with a sense of confidence and empowerment. Diverse thinking and interests are gracefully understood and respected around here yet the employees possess same work culture values and purposes in order to foster a cohesive community of people within the walls of the organization. I also happened to have observed and experience the constantly motivated enthusiasm environment that is clubbed with strong work ethics. The work environment generated around is healthy, motivated yet a fun environment to work in, in order to increase productivity and make work enjoyable for all the employees.



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