Our mission is to help bring high impact ideas to life. We are passionate about technology and love the challenge of coming up with simple solutions for complex problems. We have extensive experience helping startups overcome technological and strategical challenges. We love the startup culture and the eco-system.

We are the development dream team you have been looking for. We love developing applications that are pixel perfect and crave to wow the end user.

The Why

Every startup needs to be sure of this. Because if you don't know why you are doing it, it doesn't matter what you do. The ``why`` is a big factor in your product turning out to be mediocre or amazing. People care about why you do what you do. We can point you in the right direction but you need to figure this one on your own.

The Who

We work with entrepreneurs to concretely define their primary, secondary and tertiary target demographic. One of the most important thing is to be absolutely certain who your target market is. The reason is simple if you build for every user on the web, the usefulness of your service and usability goes down drastically. But if you focus on a core set of user types it will translate into a product that would be a lot less complex.

The What

Now we are ready to look at what we need to build. We brainstorm an exhaustive list of features with you that could drive the platform forward based on the our target user types. Once we have this list, the time to launch and the budget we can narrow down the exhaustive list to a smaller one that would make the minimum viable product(the MVP) that you could then go and sell to users and investors.
The work we did together in coming up with an exhaustive list is invaluable, it gives us a peek into where we want to take things. This would help us architect the first version that could be easily extended and scaled for the coming iterations. The features would be designed and developed keeping in mind some of the features we intend to add in the future. This could be a huge savings in cost because if not for this step you would be blind sided and might have to refactor a specific feature from scratch just because we had no idea about what was coming in the future.

The Numbers

Keeping score and seeing how you are doing is critical to improve what we build. Getting feedback from users and observing how they react and use the system becomes helps us iterate over the next few versions and build something that your target users and investors would be happier about. We help you make sense of the data and stay away from vanity metrics.