4 Tips To Make An Impact As An Entry Level Software Engineer

If you are starting your career as a software engineer, you must take some proactive steps to manage your career. 

Here are 4 tips that will help you to make a good impact as an entry-level software engineer.

  1. Work on a side project:

Working on a side project like – building a website, web application or mobile application could be a great opportunity to put your programming skills learned from school to a practical use. Such projects might give you an exposure to latest technologies and improve your current skills by deliberate practice.

Try to work on these projects right from the scratch, from designing stage to deployment. Designing requires understanding the needs of the business before coming out with a solution. A good side project will definitely help you build a strong skill set and hence a good resume.

  1. Join the relevant community:

For different technologies, there are various communities where engineers share their experiences and learn from each other.

Joining such communities and participating in the discussions will keep you updated, let you think on an issue from a different perspective or help you to see something that you couldn’t see before.

  1. Keep learning new technologies:

Initially, get expertise in different foundation technologies. Start learning the fundamentals of programming –  Algorithms and Data Structures. Being a software developer, you should be skilled at using IDE, debugging and version control tools.

Every year, you should learn at least one new technology, programming language or a framework. Over the time, you will acquire large skill set and an experience of working outside your comfort zone.

  1. Specialize:

Determine what kind of programming you are truly interested in? What kind of opportunities are you willing to explore? Then you can figure out the area in which you can specialize.

Up to certain extent, it is good to be a generalist and have a broad knowledge base. But, picking a specialty (working on front end/back end, Android etc.) will help you focus on learning different technologies required in the specific area and hence will boost your career as a software engineer.

If you have any additional recommendations for the entry level software engineer, do let us know in the comment box below!

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