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We extensively work on healthtech and Valentine’s day seems like the perfect opportunity to show our LOVE for the same. Hence we are kicking off our weekly healthtech newsletter today. Curated news, articles, and podcast, related to Healthtech and Wellness!

Top news: 

1- This startup decided to utilize China’s large population in order to improve its AI.

Medopad is a healthtech startup building tools for doctors and nurses in order to help them track any integral signs in the patients while being treated for a specific disease. They have been using China’s population data as a source to improve the predictive analysis of their AI. Read more at Forbes

2- Amazon to provide an enormous opportunity for the small-scale healthtech associates.

JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway in collaboration with Amazon have decided to commence a new healthcare enterprise specifically for their U.S employees. Amazon has sufficient sources available to cater and provide the technical support needed, however, it does require a healthcare expert possessing sufficient knowledge of the industry in order to serve the purpose of the initiative. The details available at present time are limited however, the news has made headlines as it provides a potential opportunity for not only the established and known organizations but also for the smaller healthtech startups seeking out an opportunity for partnership. Read more at TechCrunch

3- India’s Health Minister JP Nanda announces Modicare health scheme to be tech-driven.

As declared in the 2018 Indian budget speech, the National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) is to provide up to $7,775 medical cover to an estimate of 100 million families residing in India. Recently, the Health Minister made a statement of the entire initiative to be tech-driven in order to conduct the initiative with absolute transparency and avoid any leakages. Read more at EconomicTimes


1- These high-tech goggles are acting as an accessory to help cure diseases such as diabetes and vertigo.

The device acts as an instrument that helps cure insomnia and also to lose weight! By understanding one’s body clock, the high-tech goggles control the release of hormones that are regulated by the light in the goggles. Read more at DailyMail

2- 10 Heathtech innovations for the 1.2 billion senior citizens(by 2025) of the world

Senior healthcare expenditure has been a growing concern over the years as the expenses incurred are comparatively higher than other age groups.  The healthtech space holds tremendous opportunity to develop and provide better service at economical medical costs. Read more at Forbes.


Evolution of the Healthtech Industry: What will the future look like?

In the following podcast, Lee Hood along with the host discuss the history of health technology industry and how it has evolved over the past four decades that is leading us to wonder how to future would look like. Quoting Lee Hood, “I envision a time, in the 10-year future, when we’ll have a tricorder and you at home will put a drop of blood on the tricorder and it’ll make 5,000 measurements”. Read more and listen to the podcast at GeekWire


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